Tuesday, October 19, 2004

Jon Stewart for President

Jon Stewart, of The Daily Show, for President! He is exhibiting more clarity, courage, intelligence, morality, passion for fairness and love of our forefather's America than any candidate running for office today.

"All late-night talk-show hosts make jokes about politicians. What distinguishes Mr. Stewart from Jay Leno and David Letterman is that the Comedy Central star mocks the entire political process, boring in tightly on the lockstep thinking and complacency of the parties and the media, as well as the candidates. More than other television analysts and commentators, he and his writers put a spotlight on the inanities and bland hypocrisies that go mostly unnoticed in the average news cycle.

Mr. Stewart is very funny, but in the vein of 'a plague on both your houses' indignation that has made his show a cult favorite. Many young yoters are turning to 'The Daily Show' for their news analysis, and are better served there than on much of what purports to be real news on cable."

-- New York Times, Oct 20, 2004

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