Friday, April 06, 2007

Daily YouTube: Karl Rove in 1972, Working for Nixon

Dick Cheney, Donald Rumsefld, Karl Rove... they all got their first national political experience working in the Nixon administration.

And when Richard Nixon fell from public grace, they were determined to return to power, and to implement their strong-arm vision of neoconservative, anti-democratic governance.

And they did, 25 years later, under George W. Bush. The legacy of Richard Nixon lives on in the Bush administration...

Here's a fascinating 1972 video clip of Karl Rove, then 21-year-old GOP College Director of the Republican National Committee

CBS 1972 report on the Nixon Campaign, featuring Karl Rove

Thursday, April 05, 2007

Daily YouTube: Men Are Not Clueless Goofballs

I detest the way that men are so often portrayed in the media... on TV sitcoms, in ads, even in films... as clueless goofballs and loveable idiots.

TV examples of this condescending trend includes King of Queens, ABC's According to Jim and CBS's Two and Half Men. (For an intriguing perspective, see Slate 2005 article, Why are fat sitcom husbands paired with great-looking wives?)

The most recent example of husband-as-childish-idiot is the following offensive TV ad:

Burger King Commercial with Outlandishly Childish Husband

The men in my life... husband, sons and son-in-law, father and father-in-law, brother and brother-in-law and nephews, as well as friends, pastors, doctors and the like... are not clueless goofballs.

They're serious, loving, responsible, funny, interesting, imperfect people... just as women are.

Can you imagine the angry outcry if women were portrayed in a similarly demeaning manner in the media?

I grew up with men portrayed on TV as middle-aged, suit-wearing Wise White Fathers... Father Knows Best, Ozzie & Harriet, Leave It to Beaver and the like.

Thankfully, we've grown past that shallow 1950s stereotype.

When will we grow past the 21st century impulse to devalue men, and instead, value them with the gratitude they richly deserve?

As I watch my sons learn to make their ways in a confusing stressed-out world... to build careers, support families, uphold responsibilities... I realize anew that it's not easy to be a man, anymore than it is to be a woman.

Why make life harder via a mean-spirited media campaign demeaning men?
It's wrong... just wrong.

Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Daily YouTube: Elizabeth Hasselbeck Is a Moron

"The View" is loud, raucous and occasionally offensive. And so is moderator Rosie O'Donnell. In particular, she blurts her truth in a way that bothers men and some conservative women.

Rosie may offend... but she's usually correct. She's dead-on correct in this March 29, 2007 video in which the women "discuss" the Iraq War and 9/11.

And in my opinion, Elizabeth Hasselbeck is a close-minded, stubborn, moron... which is amply illustrated in this video. On many occasions on "The View", she's proudly voiced a complete lack of understanding of the U.S. Constitution and Bill of Rights. It's frightening that young people might listen to her uneducated nonsense.

No wonder the Bushies admire Elizabeth, send her Christmas cards, and invite her to White House events. She's a perfect fit with Bushie women ....

The Women of "The View" Wrangle Over Iraq and 9/11

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