Monday, November 01, 2004

Benefits of an Angry Electorate

George W. Bush's presidency has been a painful, mean-spirited trainwreck of secrecy, greed, lies, intolerance and negligible planning, and the electorate is angry. The God of the Old Testament was notorious for using the worst of mankind to create a much-needed fresh start, both spiritually and materially.

The one-term Bush/Cheney administration will be remembered in history as the exceedingly low moral point that woke up 21st century Americans from political lethargy and corrupt vision. Think Herbert Hoover and the subsequent election of Franklin Delano Roosevelt. Think the people in Noah's time, before and after the flood.

Voting turnout tomorrow will be huge....the sleeping giant of American voters will awake from its slumber. John Kerry will be elected President.

The benefits of an angry electorate are many. Citizens become educated and engaged again in the issues. The issues then rightfully become their property, not just politician's problems. Citizens become participants, not merely spectator-victims. Citizens become active solution-finders. And informed solution-finders understand and accept results and democratic compromises. Solution-finders work together for common goals and answers.

When angry with leadership, Americans become reacquainted with their rich democratic history. They reread the wisdom of Thomas Jefferson, James Madison, Alexander Hamilton, George Washington, Thomas Paine. They renew appreciation of their God-inspired Constitution and Bill of Rights.

Tomorrow, the American people will once again rise up and take control. Darkness will be gone, and God will have granted to the United States the opportunity and gift of a fresh start.

We all need to pray that Americans will constructively rechannel their anger from the last four disastrous years. We need to pray that Americans will unite behind President Kerry to effectively right the United States' course back into being the noble and free republic founded by our forefathers.

God bless America. Please.

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