Saturday, September 10, 2005

New Orleans to Be One Big Oil Field?

Random Excess at DailyKos writes.....

"I have this feeling that all the structures will be completely devauled and people will receive 'fair market' value for just the (swamp) land. Seems like everything is in place to effect this plan. The evacuees are for from home and establishing new lives. They have no reason to return. They are not allowed to return.

Private ownership will be transferred to developers and the City rebuilt at huge profit for BushCo.... Clear out the old housing, and make the place too expensive for the former residents to live there.

Just a sinking feeling I have."

I share that sinking feeling about New Orleans, but my fear is a slightly different vision of Bush's dirty-little-plan for the big Easy.

A few days ago, I read that the outerlying marshes on the shores of New Orleans had been significantly weakened in recent years because of drilling by the oil and gas industry, thus compounding the city's vulnerability to hurricane destruction.

The night after I read that, I had a, nightmare. I dreamed that the federal government bulldozed all of New Orleans...the whole fandango....and made it one big oilfield.

My nightmare would be the tragic death of a world-class cultural treasure. And a deeply-desired fantasy bordering on the erotic for Bush and Cheney.

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