Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Daily YouTube: Elizabeth Hasselbeck Is a Moron

"The View" is loud, raucous and occasionally offensive. And so is moderator Rosie O'Donnell. In particular, she blurts her truth in a way that bothers men and some conservative women.

Rosie may offend... but she's usually correct. She's dead-on correct in this March 29, 2007 video in which the women "discuss" the Iraq War and 9/11.

And in my opinion, Elizabeth Hasselbeck is a close-minded, stubborn, moron... which is amply illustrated in this video. On many occasions on "The View", she's proudly voiced a complete lack of understanding of the U.S. Constitution and Bill of Rights. It's frightening that young people might listen to her uneducated nonsense.

No wonder the Bushies admire Elizabeth, send her Christmas cards, and invite her to White House events. She's a perfect fit with Bushie women ....

The Women of "The View" Wrangle Over Iraq and 9/11

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Unknown said...

Okay,you don't like her viewpoint, and thats your right to free speach. Why don't you say what about her view you disagree with? And maybe add some facts, and by facts, I mean something more than junk pulled from the web.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, Thomas and it's okay for the person who wrote, "Elizabeth Hasselbeck is a Moron" to state their opinions in the realm of freedom of speech, too. And yes, as an educated woman I can totally adhere to the fact that Elizabeth Hasselback is a total moron. She speaks pathologically, she doesn't bother using much by way of ethics or logic when speaking her mind and talk about self righteous and snotty. She is not a tolerant person, I've seen her speak so if there's anyone that needs a history lesson or a clue, it's Hasselbeck.

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