Saturday, March 19, 2005

Rage at Being Left Behind - James Dobson Unplugged

It's common knowledge that the evangelical far right is so yesterday as a controlling voting force. Its best, most powerful days were left behind back in 2004.

Even George W. has wisely distanced himself from the evangelical far right by backing off his half-hearted gay marriage amendment huffing and puffing. And just last week, one of his closest advisors sent the predictable mixed signals about a complete ban on abortion when she coyly termed herself as "mildly pro-choice."

But I had no idea just how yesterday right-wing evangelical political power was until a dire, desperately raging Focus on the Family (FOF) letter dated March 4 arrived in the mail.

(FOF is the home of ultra-conservative activist Dr. James Dobson. FOF used to be a nonpartisan organization highly helpful to all families. It's now morphed into primarily a political podium for ultra-rightist Dobson.)
Here are a few excerpts from the rambling six-page letter (with my occasional aside) ....

"Election 2004 may not have been the dawn of a new era of conservatism in this country....If the church stays engaged, we may well see a long-term change in the direction of our country."

"Christian values have won a key battle---but not yet the war."

"We know...that we'll be disappointed from time to time during the next four years by those we have trusted to follow through on their promises...."

"We tried and failed last year when the US Senate on July 14 refused to pass the Federal Marriage Amendment....The vote was 48 to 50, 12 short of the 60 needed to keep the measure alive. A distressing number of senators were obviously intimidated...and refused to support the amendment. Their excuses were ridiculous."

"Our society has become increasingly crude, rude, profane, adolescent and hyper-sexualized." (Not to mention angry, mean-spirited , name-calling, dishonest and isolationist.)

"The institution of the family and the values on which it is founded cannot survive unless all of us who care deeply about them help support aggressive action to preserve them." (He's asking for money.)

"The enemies of morality will not stop and will not back off." (Uhh....all non-Republican Americans are immoral? Enemies of morality? I truly wonder if FOF has read Jesus' repeated words about judging others. )

"The Left cannot and will not change." (What about praying for others? What about loving your enemy? What about Jesus' words..."with God all things are possible." Matthew 19:26.)

And my favorite...."...national news reporters were stunned when they read the exit polls on election Day and realized the single greatest problem on the mind of voters was not terrorism, not the economy and not even the Iraq War, but moral values." (Uhh..cutting health care from the poor, elderly, children, pregnant woman and the disabled isn't a moral value? The corrupt Iraq War for oil isn't a moral value? Terrorism...violence against innocents...isn't a moral value?)

Dr. Dobson, perhaps many didn't vote to reelect President Bush because they fully realized that he's a liar who never intended to do much at all about abortion or gay marriage. Bush doesn't give a damn about either issue. And Bush conveniently ignored all the other moral issues because you, Dr. Dobson, gave him that free pass.

Dr. Dobson, had you not been living in a paranoid fantasy, you too would have realized that. It was obvious. And you wouldn't have wasted the formidable political power of the evangelical right on an undeserving candidate who planned to use and disappoint you.

Your present pain of disillusionment and rage is self-inflicted, Dr. Dobson.

Remember Matthew 7:1..."do not judge, or you too will be judged."

You have been judged, and your political power is spent.

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