Friday, May 19, 2006

Decline of Religion Leads to Simon Cowell?

Here's a tiny portion of fascinating blog post with all sorts of new insights, from Stumbling and Mumbling....

"I’ve said before that religion has utilitarian value. On further consideration, I think this might be even truer than I previously thought. Here’s a theory which, if even only partially correct, represents an argument for Christianity so strong as to swamp everything else.

It’s: The decline of religion is responsible (in part) for the existence of Simon Cowell.

When we stopped going to church, we lost something valuable – the ability to sing. Going to church every week from an early age gave us regular singing practice. It also gave us a collective body of music which was transmitted from generation to generation, which allowed parents to teach children singing and musicianship. And religion was a major reason why countless families, in the UK and US, had pianos, fiddles and guitars and family sing-songs.....

The result of this that music is no longer something we do, but something we consume. Music has become commodified. What’s more, because singing is a skill we’ve lost, we are disproportionately impressed by those who have retained it. So we turn people who would once have been averagely good choir singers into pop stars – a process greatly aided by recording technology.

So, the decline of religion has given us Simon Cowell....

So, every time you moan about the plastic inauthentic second-rate pop peddled by the likes of Simon Cowell, just remember the role the decline of religion has played in its emergence. "

Read the entire post here at Stumbling and Mumbling.


Mark Daniels said...

This is great...and has a ring of truth to it.

The consumer culture also makes it difficult for smaller- and medium-sized congregations to make a go of it. People are so accustomed to having everything packaged and done for them that a church that more immediately demands and needs its members to participate in "the priesthood of all believers" (1 Peter 2:9-10) is swimming upstream.

Not only does this "consumerization" and concomitant professionalization of all activities make it more difficult to find people adept at playing music or singing, it also causes us to be less accepting of others' best efforts. Mass culture causes us to demand the same high production values we hear on mass-release CDs or TV shows. The ability of some megachurches to attain that level of quality explains in part why people flock to them. But often, people don't get engaged in ministry or the Christian life through such churches either. It's easier to be anonymous...and entertained in the basest and most self-centered sense of that term.


Jammu said...

Cool blog. Love it!

Anonymous said...

LDS(e.g. Mormoms) survive because they have an exclusive culture, same for some Jews and SDA(Seventh Day Adventist). We just have to only associate with believers of our faith and with the use of DVD's and CD's we can control the media that comes into our home.

Pastor Bob