Saturday, September 04, 2004

Heart Disease as Political Opportunity

President Bush issued a press release today to tell the world that he and Mrs. Bush called former President Bill Clinton to wish him well in his upcoming quadruple heart bypass surgery. (He had heart disease symptoms, but no heart attack.) This, after Bush inventively and cruelly blamed Mr. Clinton this week for causing the crippling US deficit (a hefty surplus when Mr. Clinton left office less than 4 years ago) and being the root cause of the US missing/neglecting al-Qaida anger.

Never one to miss out on shameless political exploitation, VP Dick Cheney issued a press release today to notify the voting public that he also called Clinton to wish him well, and to share his experiences about his 4 heart attacks and his quadruple bypass surgery many years ago. (Political translation - If Bill deserves sympathy, so does Dick...OR...we can do anything you can do, but we do it better.)

Here's my question...would Bush and Cheney have called Mr. Clinton if they couldn't issue press releases to American voters about their proferred compassion?

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