Tuesday, September 14, 2004

Shameless and Shameful

Fascinating that the Bush team says the CBS documents are forgeries....but they never say that the info is inaccurate. Never.

They haven't threatened to sue...they haven't denied the info....and they refuse to discuss details of Bush's National Guard duty, performance or evaluations.

They keep chanting the mantra that the documents are forgeries, which of course, is unprovable. By repeating it over and over, they believe the gullible American public will assume the charges are therefore wrong.

Exactly the same strategy that they shockingly still use to link the 9-11 terrorists with Saddam Hussein. They say it over and over and over, all the while knowing that there is no link. They're purposely playing word games. Imagine how stupid they think we are.

It's shamelessly cynical and dishonest of the Bush/Cheney team to intentionally mislead the public once again. It's tragic and shameful for the United States that it can't trust its president to tell the truth, even on matters 35 years old.

And all this when they had the audacity to denigrate a decorated war combat veteran who chose to serve his country.

Almost unimaginable. Almost.

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