Friday, September 03, 2004

Bush 2004 & Bush 2000 - Startling Deterioration

After Bush's tepid, mediocre acceptance speech last night, C-SPAN 2 reran Mr. Bush's acceptance speech from the GOP 2000 convention. Ron and I watched in fascination....believe it or not. (I know...gads, what a boring life.)

Fascination because of the marked differences between Bush 2004 and Bush 2000. It was like we were watching a different person.

In 2000, Bush was focused and forceful....appropriately presidential. He pronouced words with precision, and spoke them with controlled passion. He rarely smiled, say for the occasional mild gesture. He made promises galore, of course, virtually none of which he actually addressed in ensuing years. But he seemed mature, reliable and alert. He stood tall and held his head high. His seeming maturity must have felt like nirvana after the sleazy personal irresponsibilites of Clinton. We understood why we voted for Bush in 2000.

The contrast to his 2004 speech demeanor is startling. Last night, he smirked continually....he slumped over...his eyes often looked blank and uncomprehending in comparison to 2000. He gave the impression of an aging, worn rush chairman at his fraternity reunion, not an experienced international leader. Most of all, he lacked his focus of 2000. He lacked physical and especially mental focus. You have to see the two speeches to understand the depth of deterioriation.

Ron and I looked at each other with the same shocking George Bush drinking again? If not, what happened or what's he taking?

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