Saturday, December 11, 2004

Social Security is the New Saddam Hussein

And so George Bush's panic-inducing fearmongering begins once again to intimidate the American public into accepting his worldview.....

Social security, as it currently operates, is Bush's new Saddam Hussein. The clear and present threat to American life as we know it. An "axis of evil" sort of plot to disrupt the lives or our children and grandchildren. A stupid idea concocted by that failure of wacko liberalism, Franklin Delano Roosevelt. You know the Bush-Rove story line.

The language of fear was clear and frequent in Bush's radio address today. Looming danger. Crisis. Costs of continued inaction. Bankrupt.

But to describe his position, he today also used terrms appealing to the religious right. The buzz words used to energize his Republican voting majority on November 2. Blessed. Moms. Courage of leaders. Duty to seniors. Great moral achievements. Essential promise. Nest egg.

So why would the wealthy Bush family care so deeply about overhauling the social security system that Mr. Bush would use his most effective arsenal, the linguistics of Armegeddon-like doom? Why drag out the heavy artillery: the silver-tongued method he used to deceive a nation into the pointless war in Iraq? And why so early in his battle to win this particular issue?

George Bush is hardly a compassionate guy. Poverty, homelessness, hunger, lack of adequate (or any) health care, even abortion have all spiraled upward significantly during his administration, and he continues to cut social services spending. He doesn't give a damn about our families' retirement liquidity.

Here's my educated hunch as a former longtime "Big Eight" auditor. Follow the money, and it will all make sense. It always does with Bush/Cheney.

As Halliburton is to Iraq, the various professional service providers of this social security transition, with their price tag of $1 to $2 trillion, are to this radical change in the social security system. And of course, the fat cats of Wall Streets who are licking their chops in hungry anticipation of all that new money set to flow into their greedy paws.....will also be great beneficiaries of Bush's latest "moral" imperative.

Such a massive transition will necessarily require the services of vast armies of expensive attorneys, accountants, investment bankers, fiduciary trustees, financial consultants and the like. And then God knows..... someone needs to invest and account for all those funds. Just imagine the richness of that perpetual income stream. Fees fees fees.

In other words, George Bush's very biggest contributors. The base! Those people who got all the gigantic tax breaks. The corporations that pay negligible taxes.

Here's my question. Was this the price for their support of his reelection? Perhaps a guaranteed return on investment?

The monetary take by Friends of George via this latest "moral crusade" will make the fortune raked in by Halliburton in Iraq look like peanuts.

Besides...wars end. This never will.

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