Monday, December 06, 2004

War Bounty - Profits, Oil and a Bogus Election

Now that the Pentagon and chief Donald Rumsfeld have publicly admitted that the US has lost the "struggle for the hearts and minds" of the Iraqi people, what do they think is left to win? ( The Pentagon report continues, "American efforts have not only failed, they may also have achieved the opposite of what they intended.")

Only things that come to mind are pseudo-credibility via a hasty, disorganized election that will be promptly and summarily discredited, and Iraqi oil. And multi-zillions for Halliburton.

Over 1,300 dead American soldiers, another 12,000 seriously wounded soldiers, untold US contractors dead and wounded, and perhaps 100,000 dead Iraqi citizens.....for a bogus election, Iraqi oil and big money for Cheney's buddies.

Why? It makes no sense.

And why are our troops still there?

(By the way, the decisively damning 111-page report by the Defense Science Board of the Pentagon was written in Septemer 2004, but suppressed until after the election.)

I'm not a told-ya-so sort of woman, but it's tempting.....

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