Thursday, January 20, 2005

The Odd, Vaguely Ecumenical Inauguration

How odd that our supposedly evangelical Christian President referred to the Koran, Torah and Bible in equal terms in his inauguration speech. How odd that the closing inaugural prayer glorifed the military, and likened it to holy, heavenly forces. How delightfully odd that the closing prayer asked for blessings on all the world's major religions, not just Christianity.

How odd that Bush used the local DC Episcopal pastor for the primary inaugural prayer, a church he almost never attends, rather than an evangelical Christian pastor, Billy or Franklin Graham, or a pastor from his own Methodist denomination.

How odd that no church or gospel choirs sang at the auguration. How odd that no overtly religious songs were sung at the inauguration. All music was provided by military bands, or operatic singers.

How odd that nary a Bible passage was directly quoted during the entire inauguration address or ceremony.

How truly odd that this self-dubbed deeply, solely Christian President invokes Christian imagery only when preaching about the glories of war and battle.

I have to took me by surprise. That may have been the most deeply secular-at-heart inauguration of my lifetime. President Bush clearly took his strength and power, his inspiration and personal pleasure in the military, not God.


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