Thursday, January 06, 2005

Political Courage In a Poll-Dependent Age

In this poll-dependent age when elected officials care more about keeping their jobs than doing their jobs, when fear of liability has replaced fear of wrongdoing, leadership is demonstrated only by the few who actively live and legislate the courage of their convictions.

On the Democratic side of the aisle in recent years, there have been few courageous political leaders. Most cower and acquiesce at the first sign of disagreement or conflict. Part of George Bush's appeal to voters is his decisiveness. He clearly demonstrates the courage of his conservative convictions.

Democratic Senator Barbara Boxer displayed unforgettable political courage today in assenting to sign the petition to cause Congress to formally review the shameful November 2 voting irregularities in Ohio.

Her actions won't change the election's outcome, but she took an important, unpopular stand. She stood up for democracy and integrity. She stood up for those in Ohio whose votes were never counted, for those who were kept from voting, for those whose votes were changed. She told each of those American citizens that they matter...integrity matters....their sacred vote matters.

Senator Barbara Boxer stood up today as an American patriot in support of a fair and free democracy, as surely as our country's founders did in 1776.

Senator Barbara Boxer, from the great state of California, provided the blueprint for the Democratic Party for what it will take to dig out from minority party status....moral outrage at the corruptness of the Bush administration and the political courage to decisively act and speak out to stop this immoral travesty.

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