Sunday, May 01, 2005

Bush White House Reveals Values, Stands By DeLay

This is what the Bush Administration spends its time and political capital on.

Not Iraq, not the economy and trade deficit, not health care, not education, not the crumbling US infrastructure. Not abortion or gay marriage, either. He invests it on defending his corrupt, go-to guy in Washington, Tom DeLay.

I have a question for all "faith and values" voters who elected George Bush as the candidate whose values most closely represented theirs....could it be any clearer that results trump values for Mr. Bush? That the ends justifies the means in Bush World? That cheating, lying and bribery are acceptable...even admirable...actions in Bush World?

Christians, as a political force, have sullied their reputations, and sold out their values, by their association with George Bush.


From Reuters, via Yahoo News....

The White House stepped up its defense of embattled Rep. Tom DeLay on Sunday, disputing the merit of ethics allegations against the House majority leader ahead of an expected congressional probe.

While White House Chief of Staff Andrew Card said it was "a matter for the House to consider" whether DeLay violated any House rules, he added: "We have no reason to believe that they (the rules) haven't been followed."

"We have not seen anything that would suggest that those allegations have any merit," Card told NBC's "Meet the Press," going beyond recent statements of support from President Bush.

Card made his comments after the Republican-led House of Representatives dropped new ethics rules opposed by Democrats, clearing the way for another anticipated probe of DeLay.

Admonished by the House ethics committee last year on three separate matters, DeLay, a Texas Republican, has faced new questions in the past several weeks on ties to lobbyists and foreign trips funded by outside groups.....

Bush showed support for DeLay last week by making a rare public appearance with him at a Social Security event in Texas. They then flew back to Washington together aboard Air Force One.

DeLay, widely admired among Republicans for his skill at rallying votes, has been a key force behind a number of Bush's legislative victories, such as a new prescription drug benefit for older Americans and curbs on class-action lawsuits.

"He's been a strong leader for this president. He's been very productive in getting things done," Card said of DeLay. White House deputy chief of staff Karl Rove, in a recent interview with USA Today, predicted DeLay would keep his job.

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