Wednesday, May 11, 2005

Nuclear Option Failure Is Still a Win for George Bush

OK...let's assume, for just a moment, that the much-heralded "nuclear option" fails, and Republicans don't succeed in killing the 200-year Senate filibuster tradition so they can ramrod through the lifetime appointments of several amazingly radical judicial nominees.

It fails. So what happens next for Republicans?

The vaunted political power of fundamentalist Dr. James Dobson fizzles. It evaporates like soap bubbles in the wind. And Bush? Well, he's been chafing at Dobson's ultimatums and demands since the election. This would be a win for Bush. Dobson would get off his back, and be grateful again for political crumbs thrown his way by the Bushies.

Senate Majority Leader and prime anti-filibuster spear-chucker Bill Frist's presidential aspirations are toast. Done. Finished. And Bush? Well...let's see. Who would be the next logical conservative Repub candidate for the 2008 presidency. Hmmmm...oh yeah! Jeb Bush. That would be another win for Bush. (No Bush got their hands dirty on this one. They learned their lesson with Schiavo.)

And what of Senate Republicans? The moderate Republicans would have prevailed and would be the new Senate powers-to-be-reckoned-with. Let's think.......Bush disagrees with Senate conservatives on immigration, Social Security, even the new religious right focus on the environment (taking care of God's creation). What a coincidence...issues that are all on the table this very summer. So those conservatives Bush disagrees with would have newly diminished influence. Wow...another Bush win.

So let's count this up. If the "nuclear option" fails, it would be a win/win/win for George Bush.

And if the "nuclear option" is successful in muting democratic minority voices, and Bush appoints radically pro-business, anti-Social Security, anti-environment, anti-civil rights judges to the federal bench,.....that's a big win for Bush!

I must give credit where credit is due: Geroge Walker Bush is an utterly brilliant politician.

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