Tuesday, August 31, 2004

Memo to Alan Greenspan - The Problem Is Economic Girlie Men

Folks, don't worry about the record deficit that could take many decades to erase....that, in essence, makes the US a poor nation and a second-rate power....that more Americans live in poverty, go hungry at night, and are homeless than ever before in our history.

Never mind that more Americans than ever before have no health care insurance, can't afford any college education for their children, and are unemployed and underemployed.

Forget it that 4 more years of the same economic trend, of the same reckless lack of fiscal discipline, that the US has experienced over the last 4 years, would likely result in a near-bankrupt federal government.

The super-rich movie actor with a posse of personal employees and a trust fund wife, speaking for the Republican party, says that if we're pessimistic about this economy, then we're "economic girlie men." Wimps. Lacking backbone and perseverance.

So Mr. Greenspan, stop worrying about interest rates and the stock market, housing starts and the consumer price index. Halt your concern about inflation, social security benefits, minimum wage levels, gross nat'l products and umemployment figures.

Our only problem is our attitude. It's about us. We just see it wrong.......

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