Thursday, August 12, 2004

George Bush Hides His Evangelical Mistress - Friends

"Some prominent evangelical Christians say they have not been invited to participate in or attend the Republican National convention less than three weeks before the event is to begin. Analysts said the move likely reflects a GOP desire to sideline its more polarizing supporters during a tight presidential race....The Rev. Franklin Graham, who delivered the invocation at President Bush's inauguration, has had no request to attend so far, said Graham spokesman Mark DeMoss.

'People who are not part of the religious right might be alienated if they put too many conservatives as the public face of the party' said Merle Black, a political scientist at Emory University in Atlanta."

--- Reuters news service, August 12, 2004

Also not invited to attend the Republican National Convention are Dr James Dobson of Focus on the Family; Rev. Pat Robertson, founder of the Christian Coalition; and Rev. Jerry Falwell, who offered a prayer at the 2000 confab. Not Christian leaders and authors Charles Stanley, Max Lucado, Greg Laurie or Rick Warren.

Ralph Reed, Bush strategist and former executive director of the Christian Coalition, now paid political consultant and lobbyist, said yesterday that "invitations for evangelical figures just started going out," but he would not release any religious right invitee names.

So let's see....I want to make sure I understand. George Bush loves and identifies with conservative evangelicals.....champions and lives conservative evangelical values....says that his core political base is evangelicals....uses lots of evangelical lingo in his speeches.

But he doesn't want to be seen in public with them. Doesn't want to be photographed with them. Certainly doesn't want them speaking, or even seen, at his Republican Convention.

Sounds like the way a married man treats his mistress, not his wife, soul mate and lifelong partner.

The mistress always thinks she truly knows the man and owns his heart, but who does he go home to at the end of the day? And who loses out in the end? Who gets taken in by his sweet, seductive words and empty promises while he reaps the benefits?

Mistresses survive on coded messages and furtive meetings. When they see him with his wife, they convince themselves that, secretly, he loves them more. They trust that he doesn't really care for his wife....she's just for show (the convention?) , the children (the votes?) , her inheritance (the contributions?).

Mistresses survive on self-delusion. Truth is that men seldom leave their wives for mistresses.

Does George Bush treat conservative evangelicals like a hidden-away mistress? Hmmm...when was the last time we saw him attending an evangelical church service? Playing golf or boating with religious right leaders? Inviting the Grahams, Dobsons, Robertsons, Falwells or even the Reeds to one of his innumerable Texas-style barbecues at the Crawford ranch?

I only remember him exiting Episcopal and Methodist church services. Occasionally. When cameras are present. Christmas and Easter, too, with the family.

And the evangelical feel-good lingo and I'm-one-of-you code words. He does have those mastered. And he supports some of the no-brainer requisite sexual sin issues.

As for the rest, God only knows. God and Mr. Bush's political strategists, this is.

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