Monday, August 02, 2004

Would Jesus Be Republican or Democrat?

A woman in our Friday Family Fellowship group shook her head in disgust, "Why are all those Democrats mad at George Bush? What do they have to be mad about?"

" he's some villian," another nodded in angry assent. "Did you hear that speech last night (at the Democratic Convention) ? Don't get me started...." Many sighed in agreement. Some were strangely silent.

" everyone here Republican? Aren't there Democrats here too?" asked a puzzled first-time visitor. "Isn't it Republicans and Democrats here?"

Two women looked around. "No Democrats here.... at least none that would admit to it." They laughed and laughed. They failed to notice embarrassed discomfort on several faces. It's a family church group.... people don't want to cause a fuss, even in the face of ideological prejudice and bullying. sounds like they have inside info that Jesus is a Republican, and that real Christians are Republicans.

I vote both sides of the political aisle, depending on the candidate and the issues. I've been known to switch parties merely to vote in particular primaries. I believe that automatic voting strictly along party lines is an abrogation of our civic duties. and sad disrespect for the precious right to vote. It's lazy, too. Like putting your brain on vacation.

So after the womens' self-assured remarks, I started wondering.... would Jesus choose to be Republican or Democrat?

Here is my heartfelt conclusion....if our Savior had to choose, He would join the Democratic Party. The party of compassion and mercy....the party that champions the downtrodden....the party that actively fights poverty, racism and lack of health insurance....the party that pushes for peace, not war.

"Blessed are the meek, for they shall inherit the earth....Blessed are the merciful, for they shall be shown mercy....Blessed are the peacemakers, for they will be called sons of God...."
--- excerpts from Jesus' Sermon on the Mount, Matthew 5

But of course, it's outrageously selfish and silly to imagine that Jesus would join a particular political party. Jesus Christ, son of God, part of the Holy Trinity, is far bigger than trivial human matters.

Initially, my feelings were hurt by the arrogant remarks of a few. I pulled the visitor aside, and assured him that Democrats also attend our group, and that this is not a group with a proscribed political agenda.

I hope it's not, anyway. I was always taught, and teach, that God loves us all.


Unknown said...

I also don't vote along any party line but do you really think Jesus would take a party that votes for abortion, gay rights and pornography? You think he would take a party based more off "the giving spirit" than killing babies? You have lost touch. Come back to Earth please.

Unknown said...

Oh yeah. Harry Reid just apologized for calling Barack Obama a "light skinned black person that doesnt have negro dialect unless he wants to."

If you think thats OK and not racist than there is something wrong with you. He felt the need to apologize for it. So if you dont think its wrong. He did.

In case you didnt know. He is a Democrat.

Karen said...

i agree with you completely. thank you :o)

Anonymous said...

The Lord Would Certainly Not Be a Democrat

There is one thing certain we can state, based upon the integrity of Bible truth. Jesus would never endorse or be a member of any party whose platform supports abortion, gay rights, and a general hostility to Bible-believing Christians.

Another thing can be confidently stated, based upon observations of current facts about American politics. The Democrat Party would never have Jesus as a member. Much of the basis for that observation is found in the issues mentioned above.

The Democrats' leadership consistently supports abortion--or, as they term it, "the right to choose." They continue to support homosexual activists and their "gay rights" causes, a debased, debauched lifestyle that God calls abominable. Democrats defend pornography as art that comes under the heading of "free speech."

This political party comes down on the side of liberal federal judges who have ruled that God should be thrown out of the public places of America. These judges --and the Democratic Party by supporting them--declare "The Ten Commandments," "In God We Trust" on our currency, and "One nation, under God" in the "Pledge of Allegiance" dangerous to our school children and our society.

This party champions taking ever-increasing tax money from the pockets of those who work to give to those who won't work, even if they have opportunity. Thus there has been created a dependent welfare class that trillions of dollars of taxpayers' money since the implementation of "The Great Society's War on Poverty" --instituted by a Democratic president and a mostly Democratic Congress-- has not been able to improve. Catering to a welfare class -and that means people who refuse to make a genuine effort to work, even though they are healthy--violates a basic precept of God's Word, the Bible.

"For even when we were with you, this we commanded you, that if any would not work, neither should he eat" (2 Thess. 3:10).

The Democratic Party continues to be led by those who believe pacifism is the easiest pathway to world peace. They constantly do all within their power to support legislative action designed to disarm the military of the US and the American public. Again, that woolly-minded leadership violates basic biblical precepts. Jesus spoke about being vigilant and prepared to defend one's home: "Or else how can one enter into a strong man's house, and spoil his goods, except he first bind the strong man? and then he will spoil his house" (Matt. 12:29).

Jesus would never be invited to be keynote speaker at the Democratic National Convention, that's for sure!

Anonymous said...

The most religious, and law abiding citizens in Jesus time period here on earth were the Pharisee's. They constantly opposed Jesus for eating with sinners, tax collectors and for helping the poor and disadvantaged. Gee that does not sound very Republican to me.

teresa said...

I think Jesus is liberal.He loves us all. I think the hypercrital Republicain try to hid behind Christain believes and jugde and point fingers while living in more sin. I feel that if we all lived our lives by thinking to ourselves, (What would Jesus do?), people would be much nicer to each other. Jesus loves the little children all the children of the world. We all sin, yet we all are still loved.

Anonymous said...

Perhaps some of the Republicans should read Matthew 6, primarily 5-6 and then go find a closet. Nothing like strutting to impress God, or praying in school, court, or any other high profile place for all to see and be impressed by. I think Jesus would be a keynote speaker at the Democratic convention and he would do so without the judgement of the Republicans. Pro choise is not pro abortion no matter how much the Republicans spin it and I really doubt that the man who took Mary Magdalen would cast out a gay man or woman and I wonder what pornography would be if Eve had not taken a bite of the forbidden fruit for it was Adam and Eve hiding behind the fig leaf that caused God to question if they had eaten the fruit. Was it the poor that Jesus threw out of the temple or was it the business and tax men? Perhaps a Republican can tell me how the rich can expect to get into heaven since God said "It is easier to fit a camel through the eye of a needle than for a rich man to get into heaven." Now who is the party of the rich again? Yes, Jesus would surely speak to the Democrats.

Anonymous said...

It's funny the Republicon's can trick you weak minded so easily. Do you actually think they give a rat's a... about abortion or gays.

Didn't Jesus heal the sick? hopefully he made some profits of that!

13 year old boy said...

I don't think God would be in any political party for that matter, we just want to justify our political mind set, so we say that God would be on our side in politics. Read your Bible once or twice, God is never one who tries to be part of political corruption. Please God would not mangle in earthly matters such as this. God would not be voting for another imperfect man who is going to set laws to make our world fall into more sin ,and make us all focus more on politics than on God.

If you really want to argue on what political party God would be in then go ahead, but bear in mind that each side of politics has its own corrupt thoughts and neither is perfect or is basing all their choices completely on what Jesus would do.

Are you guys thinking more about loving on each other and acting like God or being right about everything. Push each other up don't tear each other down with your rude comments and bashing each others thoughts.

anaasc said...

Let me see, Jesus hung out with a supposed prostitute...he had long hair...he threw fits in church...he was anti-establishment...he preached peace, turn the other cheek...and at passover he told his disciples to look for the guy carrying the jug of water (only women did that back then which means he was most likely a flamer)...Yeah, sound like a typical republican to me!!!

anaasc said...

Not only that, but he fed how many people???!!! Did he turn them away? Did he tell them to go look for shelter and food as his disciples suggested?! And not only that, but geesh, the guy passed the wine around like it was water. He pereferred to champion the cause of the marginal, the poor the down trodden...hmm, I could think of so many other things! Again, he was the stereotypical republican.

anaasc said...

Religious right wing conservative ARE ACTUALLY pro-old testament not new testament. what does Deuteronomy 22:13-21 say about marriage??? - I don't think Jesus would be a democrat either, but he's closer to it...he would most likely be an independent and that's the truth. He not only knocked the system he brought institutions to their knees. It's OK, I guess republicans don't eat clam chowder or pork chops. Heaven forbid! that's on the same level as sodomy!!!