Monday, August 30, 2004

Tony Campolo, Me & 41,500 Other Christians

I, pastor and bestselling Christian author Tony Campolo, and 41,500 other Christians are proud signers of a petition that appears today in a New York Times full-page ad.

The ad headline reads "God is Not a Republican. Or a Democrat." It is sponsored by a non-partisan Christian organization, Sojourners, that is appalled by the claims of Jerry Falwell and Pat Robertson that all "real" Christians must vote for George Bush in 2004.

Among the signers of the petition are hundreds of clergy and theologians from such diverse organizations as Fuller Theological Seminary, Christianity Today, Chicago Theological Seminary, Claremont School of Theology, pastors and priests from innumerable denominations. and theology/ministry professors from the Divinity Schools at Yale, Duke, Wake Forest, Howard, Pennsylvania, Columbia, Emory and other universities.

I urge each of you to open your hearts and minds, and visit the Sojourners website. Please prayerfully consider joining the 41,500 who have thusfar signed this important non-partisan petition.

The future, and the character, of our great nation are at stake.

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