Saturday, August 28, 2004

The State of the Economy, Plain & Simple

The US Census bureau released its annual statistical report for 2003 this past week. Here are the plain and simple facts:

From 2001 through 2003:
- The number of children living in poverty increased by 11%, and the number of children receiving welfare decreased by 10%.

- 4.3 million add'l people have fallen below the poverty line, set at $18,660 annual income for a family of 4 in 2003.

- In 2003, 12.5% of the US population, or 35.9 million people, lived in poverty.

- Median family income, which was $44,853 in 2000, fell by $1,535, during 2001 to 2003.

- 5.2 million add'l people lost all health care insurance, bringing the total in 2003 to 45 million people.

Per the New York Times today, "A Bush campaign official suggested that the census report was misleading because it did not reflect the economic growth of the past 11 months. In fact, the report covers all of 2003. And in 3 of the 7 months of 2004 for which data is available, job growth has not been strong enough to even keep up with population growth.

"The President and Congress have largely ignored this problem, while leaving little room to address it later by ballooning the deficit with tax cuts."

Tax cuts for only the very very wealthiest, I might add.

Hmmm...what would Jesus do with his vote in this election year? I think I'll take my Bible out and research that.......

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