Thursday, April 28, 2005

Bush Repudiates Dobson Stance On Judicial Nominees

“I think people are opposing my nominees because they don’t like the judicial philosophy of the people I’ve nominated,” President Bush said tonight at a White House news conference. “... I don’t ascribe a person’s opposing my nominations to an issue of faith.”

Like I said earlier (below), Jame Dobson is deliberately duping Christians on this subject. Opposition to these judicial nominees has NOTHING to do with religion or faith. Nothing.

President Bush appropriately distanced himself from Dr. Dobson this evening, and he repudiated Dobson's misleading statements.

If conservative Christians would take the time to educate themselves on the specifics of the issues at hand, I know that they would also oppose these cold-hearted, pro-business, anti-environment, anti-fairness judicial nominees.

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