Tuesday, April 19, 2005

Condi Worries That President Is Growing Too Powerful

The Russian president, that is.

Condi, do you feel the same way about the US and President Bush? Do you even see the parallels?

Because we do.
From Reuters this morning....

Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice, starting a two-day trip to Moscow, said on Tuesday the Kremlin's tightening grip on power and Russia's pliant media were "very worrying."

"Trends have not been positive on the democratic side," Rice told reporters on board her plane en route to Moscow, where she was due to meet President
Vladimir Putin and other top officials.

"The centralization of state power in the presidency at the expense of countervailing institutions like the Duma (parliament lower house) or an independent judiciary is clearly very worrying. The absence of an independent media on the electronic side is clearly very worrying," she added.

Rice also said it "would not be a positive development" if Putin changed the constitution to be able to run for a third successive term.

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