Monday, February 14, 2005

Bush Proposes a Ticking Budgetary Landmine

No big surprises in this Washington Post report that Bush's pledge to "cut" the deficit is actually a lethal budgetary landmine, timed to detonate exactly when he leaves office.

His inexplicable hostility to the American public becomes both more obvious and puzzling as his priorities of big business and continual war are increasingly revealed.

The intro from MSNBC, via the Washington Post is below. I urge everyone to read the entire story here. Our country needs to understand who and what we are dealing with as we move forward to correct the currently bankrupt path ofthe US.
"Bush could leave budgetary landmine- Deficits projected to grow after he leaves office" by Jonathan Weisman and Peter Baker....

"For President Bush, the budget sent to Congress last week outlines a painful path to meeting his promise to bring down the federal budget deficit by the time he leaves office in 2009. But for the senators and governors already jockeying to succeed him, the numbers released in recent days add up to a budgetary landmine that could blow up just as the next president moves into the Oval Office.

Congress and the White House have become adept at passing legislation with hidden long-term price tags, but those huge costs began coming into view in Bush's latest spending plan. Even if Bush succeeds in slashing the deficit in half in four years, as he has pledged, his major policy prescriptions would leave his successor with massive financial commitments that begin rising dramatically the year he relinquishes the White House, according to an analysis of new budget figures."

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