Wednesday, February 23, 2005

Why Europe and China Urgently Matter...Why Consequences Matter

From American Progress....

"The European Union (EU) is the fastest growing political system in the world. In the last ten years, the EU has grown from 12 countries to 25, and has brought 450 billion people, speaking more than 20 different languages, into a single political system. And it is still growing. Bulgaria, Croatia, and Romania are scheduled to join in 2007, and Turkey has begun the long accession process. Over the next five years, the European Commission will advance efforts to incorporate the Western Balkans (the countries of the former Yugoslavia and Albania)."

As The EU expands and as China grows in power and matters more everyday that the United States' fiscal underpinnings become weaker and weaker, that the US is regarded as a interntional bully and moral hypocrite, and that the US public education system, from kindergartens to universities, grows ever enfeebled.

The grotesque budget deficit matters. The denigration of US education matters. The continual war-mongering and ministry of hatred matter. There will be consequences. There are consequences. The US fades in world significance as Europe and China rise in power and influence.

I weep for the pitiful legacy being left for my grandchildren.

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