Tuesday, February 08, 2005

Jewish Council Warns: Bush to Smear Dean Next

From the National Jewish Democratic Council this afternoon....

"As today's New York Times reports, former Vermont Governor Howard Dean is now unopposed in the race to chair the Democratic National Committee -- assuring a victory in the DNC elections later this week.

Dr. Dean has long been a good friend of the American Jewish community, and as Chairman of the Democratic National Committee, that bond -- a relationship based on shared values -- will continue.

But the GOP attack machine is primed and ready to pounce. The Bush administration and its Republican minions have learned from experience that they are most successful not when they argue their case on the merits, but when they use half-truths and innuendos to tear down opponents. We know that they are lying in wait to viciously attack Governor Dean in the coming days, in an attempt to cow any opposition to their extremist agenda.

But we know the truth! We know that Governor Dean will be an excellent Party Chairman. We know that he will work tirelessly to advance the shared values that make the Democratic Party the natural home to American Jews -- values including strong support for Israel, the separation of church and state, and reproductive rights.

Tell Governor Dean that you won't be misled by the imminent GOP assault against him! Click here to tell Dr. Dean that you won't be fooled. We know the truth -- Governor Howard Dean will be a superb leader of the Democratic Party, a leader who will work closely with the American Jewish community.

Please join us in congratulating Governor Dean, but watch out for the looming GOP mud-slinging. And stay tuned for our response -- based on the facts, not half-truths and innuendos."

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