Thursday, February 10, 2005

Rice: "The US Has No Plans to Attack North Korea"

From CNN this morning....

"U.S. Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice, responding to North Korea's threat to increase its nuclear arsenal, said Thursday the nation should reconsider its decision to withdraw from nuclear disarmament talks or risk further isolation.

"This is an unfortunate move, most especially for the people of North Korea," Rice said, speaking in Luxembourg after talks with European Union officials. "It's very clear that all responsible members of the international community -- and especially North Korea's neighbors -- support the international framework as a way to resolve the North Korean nuclear issue."....

Rice reiterated that the United States has no plans to attack North Korea, but is fully capable of defending itself against any threat."

But....wait, what did I miss? When a country has nuclear weapons....evil weapons of mass destruction.....don't we rattle the attack-sabers at them? That's the standard drill. Don't we quake in fear and terror at their wicked, lethal arsenal? We decimated an entire country because of WMD rumors. This s serious stuff. I remember all those dire death warnings by Bush and Cheney and Rumsfeld and Rice.....

And yet we blithely mutter....chill, North Korea. We're not attacking. Don't get so worked up. Let it go......just keep talking to us. Diplomacy is cool.


OK....why we would react with seething anger and killing violence at Iraq/Iran over the whole WMD thing, and then North Korea gets a free pass for exactly the same thing?

Oh wait. Sure. I got it. North Korea has NO OIL.

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