Friday, February 11, 2005

My New Gig at

My new gig as National Editor/Guide to US Liberal Politics at began yesterday when my site officially went "live." It's a work in progress, and it always will be. I'll posting there almost daily.

Heart, Soul & Humor and US Liberals at will be complementary, not competitive. Posts, items and articles will not be repeated at both sites.

Heart, Soul & Humor will continue to blossom and grow with four main types of posts....
- In-depth essays on issues and policies...more in-depth than possible at
- My overtly Christian take on matters
- Excerpts from incisive and interesting news and views by others
- My most passionately stated opinions

US Liberals at will feature the following....
- Profiles of and interviews with liberal, progressive and other leaders, activists and opinion-makers
- Info and links explaining US liberal and progressive politcal issues and stances
- Current news and views, mainly through daily blogging
- A weekly newsletter, to be sent out on Tuesday mornings
- A Forum/Discussion board that I moderate

I'll soon program a link from here to US Liberals at

Thank you for your continuing support and readership. I'm truly appreciative!

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