Monday, February 21, 2005

Were the "Secret" Bush Tapes "Leaked" ?

Avedon Carol of The Sideshow read my mind when she wrote about those "secret" Bush tapes that were "leaked" to the New York Times.....

"Some people say the man who secretly taped Bush is a creep for bringing this stuff out; I say it's mighty convenient that it comes out just at the moment when yet another White House scandal is generating calls for investigation. Nothing on those tapes hurts Bush, but the Gannon thing and continually emerging exposure on torture and on 9/11 have not been covering him with glory lately. Gosh, isn't Bush an amazingly lucky guy?"

Paranoia or reality-based thinking? Bush is brilliant and greatly underestimated politician. Reality-based thinking.

And besides. All those I-really-do-like-gays comments is a convenient and well-targeted swipe at Dr. James Dobson, who is now attempting to control Mr. Bush's agenda, claiming he owns Bush after singlehandedly reelecting him.

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