Tuesday, February 22, 2005

Far Right Publishes Disgusting McCarthy-Style Enemies List

Don't believe me? Here it is.....Discover The Network - A Guide to the Political Left...complete with pages and pages of ugly speculations, exaggerations and out-and-out lies for 1,500 people (complete with unflattering photos) who are not one of "them."

Democracy is truly dead for these "my way or the highway" political gossips.

The only reason I can imagine to publish this data is to allow others to freely use this disgusting data to bully, smear, intimidate and blackmail committed and caring American patriots and community leaders.

Joseph McCarthy and Richard Nixon would be delighted.

Is this the "faith & values" that the Republican party professes to stand for? Is this what they believe Jesus would do? Is this what the formerly respectable Grand Old Party has degenerated into?

Whatever happened to decency?

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